Murals „Garden of Toscana II“

Murals „Garden of Toscana II“

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Sketches are generally charged at € 250. As soon as you have decided on a design, the detailed design follows. This is incorporated true to scale into a photo of the existing room situation. This will give you an exact idea of how the mural will look later on. If necessary, this design can be revised according to your change requests until it corresponds 100% to your ideas. The detailed design is charged at 10% of the order amount. These amounts will be credited to you when the order is placed and offset against the total amount.

Each of my murals is unique and is made according to the ideas and tastes of my customers.

You will receive 1-3 drafts. The order can be placed once you are satisfied with the final design and you have received the schedule and a fixed price for the entire work.

Price range from 350,- to 650,- € per m²

The prices for our high-quality artistic and handcrafted murals vary and depend largely on the level of detail.

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